When Earth inspires Humans

Created in 2017 by Arnaud Riou, Hélène Tysman and a group of people coming back from trips to Mongolia and the desert, TERRE ANIMA©️ association aims to provide concrete help to improve the daily lives of men and women descending from First Peoples, in an ethical and environmental purpose as well as the preservation of ancestral wisdom.

During our journeys, we realized that basic needs are far from being met all over the world. So many ones are lacking of water, clothes, food.

A trip is an exchange and becomes even more beautiful when we can help. It then becomes solidary, ethical and human.

As we travelled, we wanted to give more power to this help by creating an association. That's how TERRE ANIMA©️ was born. This non-profit organization aims to discover and promote traditional cultures, to establish authentic links with these peoples of ancestral traditions, true guardians of the Earth, thus preserving the natural ecological and human resources of our ecosystem.

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