Have you ever had that feeling of being in two different places at the same time ? In two superimposed time spaces - at least ? Someone speaks to you while you feel attracted by some other though... You look at an object or you ear on a music and it is impossible do dissociate it from what makes it real to you : the day you discovered, met, found, received, used it... Consciously or unconsciously, there are several voices dialoguing inside ourselves - such as Fidelio opera's choruses - sometimes in a contradictory way sometimes in a complementary way. Here are the Six Pirandello's Characters in search for  an Author...

Without pushing schizophrenia to the big, we often have the intuition of several layers in us. How many parts can we perceive, explore and experience ?

No doubt it is infinite ! This is what makes our own continent the most mysterious, unexplored and utopian one !

"Art and childhood are what allows us to never get used to life" said French writer Christiane Singer. Isn't art a childhood that has survived ? This moment of life where everything is a purpose for wonderment ? Yet this moment of life is however also the moment at school where it was not allowed to be "in the moon" or "scatterbrained". But don't we spend our time, whether we like it or not, to let parts of ourselves hide from the "boss" ? Close call ! These escaped parts, being precious, clumsy, moved, audacious, impertinent, timid, ridiculous, wise, shameful... they are sometimes conscious but most often elusive to our usual way of understanding.

Right now of example, your breath, the beating of your heart, perhaps the steps or the gestures you have just done or are going to do, are perfectly integrated at an unconscious level of perception and yet directly related to the moment when they have been learned and engramed.

Fortunately we do not have to keep thinking of it in order to remember how we walk or to know the complete anatomy of the human body in order to make a movement. Fortunately our body knows perfectly how to regenerate and make circulate the blood to activate our heart without us having the feeling to take part to the action. Look, since you've read these lines, there may have been an event around you, a tiny change, a sound, a light, an odor, a temperature. However you may not have been aware of it. At the same moment your mind was on these lines or even elsewhere, your eyes following the words while your thoughts are following other paths, ideas, emotions.

Let's be the astronomers of ourselves ! Connected to the other side of our inner telescope, we could discover the tracks of these stratospheres in motion, from moon to earth, in the air or in the head and instead of putting them on the sidelines, rather embrace them as all the flowers from a same bouquet with the most infinite fragrances.

The millefeuille knows it well, everything is juxtaposed, superimposed, assembled, amplified ! There is no longer question of horizontality. This is the taste and the flavor of the moment. And you would be a profane of the profanes in the world of pastry chefs if by chance you ate it layer after layer rather than seize the full density of it !

Perhaps we need all the thicknesses in order to pick the leaves off with such grace and lightness, don't we ?

To a certain point of view, we can define ourselves as the result of all the life experiences we had. Now, how many invisible experiences for a few single - illusory ? - appearances that we took so seriously...

Art teaches me, like the freediver deepening his daily dives, how much the world needs Consciousness even more that knowledge nowadays. Through which consciousness will we act, speak and express our ideas today ?

We have more and more access to information about our planet, its ecosystem and the concern of survival well beyond our own existence. This connection to the macrocosm has become more present in our lives. Thanks to internet, we can also hear or take part more easily in social, political, international; national or regional questions. On an individual level, we face searches for meaning, questioning our beliefs, conditioning... Whatever happens in personal relationships or professional life, we happen to live changes and emotional questionings one day or another. We are sometimes caught up in the traces of past, the desire to look into the future, to understand better each other or oneself, to doubt or affirm its choices so we finally find ourselves at the middle of a multiplicity of states from the most intimate to the most global one. So many thicknesses through our being make us a millefeuille for a moment of sigh !

We are conductors of this gigantic symphony, this polyphony of realities, and sophisticated counterpoint of these parts evolving through us. The themes become entangled and the rhythms intertwine. It's a flavors explosion !

Claude Debussy shows well this dilated time which is no longer linear but architectural. Evolution is no more of an horizontality nor even an exclusively harmonic development but juxtaposed sound levels or aggregates of colors influencing each other. Interconnection of resonances and timbres. It is then possible to taste each created sound as present in a perpetual recommencing. Avant-gout of eternity ?

René Char who was a French celebrated poet in freedom's employ said "every act is virgin, even a repeated one". Are we able to live this pluri-reality no longer in time space bur through the density of the moment ?

On this springtime equinox day, I wish you to live this it as if it was the first day of your life ! What does it taste like ?

Musically Yours ! Hélène Tysman

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                                                                     all rights reserved Hélène Tysman - 2018


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