"The vase is to emptiness what silence is to music", writes French author Paul Valery.

In Taoism, everything comes from emptiness. There isn't more ultimate quest than this emptiness. As a resonance of the landscape surrounding my home, this thought comes from the middle of winter when nature seems to gather all its forces towards the interior through a very uncluttered motion where only branches, in their most refined essence, without any artifice, inside the deepest introspection, let contemplate themselves. The consciousness is entirely focused on the root. 

The inspiration is nourished by the interior, in a "actively passive" way as said French wise man Arnaud Desjardins. They are always moving but in the most invisible part of the movement. The motion in its most intimate way : e-motion. The emptiness is the essence of the fullness. Through this pure authenticity can arise the élan of spring - from the inner breath : Life. In music, when you begin to listen to silences, THE silence, the notes sound differently. The forms look differently, then the story becomes your story. 

"It's not the notes but what is BETWEEN the notes that is important" used to say Mozart. Isn't it the same in our lives, sometimes for brief moments, sometimes more intense or long, observing, transforming, modifying, physically and almost alchemically feeling how it goes from one state to another ?

We are constantly in a transformation ("the silent transformations" upon French sinologist François Julien), therefor into a trance... whether by going to our job, taking a shower, cooking, traveling, creating or in a more deeply way going on our life journey, we go constantly from one Being to another without always perceiving the boarder that separates or unites one to another.

I wonder how do your silences sound, through each of your steps...

Listen ! How beautiful and precious they are...

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                                                                     all rights reserved Hélène Tysman - 2018


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