For a long time my life has been at the service of music.

Since I was a child, I have been making music like learning to read and to write, but to seek, like a diver from the bottom of the oceans, to go beyond. Beyond the sound, the note, the text, the velocity, the silence... Further still, where we think it ends. Here, at this place.

Later I learned that it is also there that the shaman continues on his way in what is called "the real" and returned to transmit it to others.

This beyond is, upon curiosity, a necessity to cross worlds, dragons, storms, nothings, abysses. The only difference between a virtuoso and an amateur, between a good sportsman and a champion, is that the second will continue where the former stops. You can be a virtuoso of poetry, cooking, healing, mathematics, education, love, knowledge, humor... no matter where your curiosity lies : this is to go beyond.

This one naturally pushes us to know the rest of the story, to open unknown doors, to move forward with only your boldness as a luggage !

Our nature is to have learned to stand up towel after thousands of attempts and falls to succeed in it.

Falling is human, getting up is divine. You never get up as you fell. We rise with a stronger consciousness and a more conscious strength. 

By crossing these worlds, by going so far, we touch the unexplainable : grace. This experience is the encounter with one's own inner power.

And how humble you need to be to be bold !

Music of all times conveys an unshakeable power because it connects us to our own inner power. 

In 2010 I arrive where my soul has guided me for all these years : the final of the Chopin competition in Warsaw. This is obvious to me. Yet my heart is not totally in it. In the final stretch, a few meters before the finish line, I experienced what I later understood to be an awakening. To win first prize in this competition would have been to experience the magnificent experience of touring the next day around the world to perpetuate this ritual of the classical concert. But was that what I longed for deep down in my soul ? If that were the case, I would have been aligned in my spirit, emotions and actions. But I was getting tired of it before I even reached the end of the challenge. In fact, I had surprised myself by saying to myself : "After this prize, I'll stop everything ! ». It wasn't the music I wanted to stop. It was that feeling of not having enough space or freedom in settings that didn't always suit me to allow music to touch people in their own inner power. 

To surprise, to animate, to transform, to evolve, to sublimate... In hypnosis (as in music !) I like what is called a "pattern break" which allows a break of the conscious repeating the same integration patterns. Suddenly, not being able to integrate an element too suddenly new, we move on to a more unconscious level... 

One day I realized that the only thing to be expected was the unexpected !

It was then that a real inner journey began, guiding me towards surprising and extraordinary encounters. 

As I formed myself in hypnosis, I finally felt the puzzle coming true. 

Born of a psychiatrist father who had gone through the barbarism of the 1940s and a nursing mother, it was undoubtedly natural to one day connect art and healing. I knew early on that poetry was what came to the rescue of wounded souls. At a time when the drug industry seems paradoxically as flourishing as the evil of life, art seems to me to be a remedy in the noblest sense of the word. 

Alejandro Jorodowski declared with this intimacy that touches on the universal : "I had to find an art that would heal. I was a psychological barbarian because I only thought about art and I believed that art would reveal myself... What's the point of art ? To be famous, applauded, rich ? I had to find an art that heals, an art that heals the limits."

When Chopin composes his Polonaises borrowed from heroism in the face of his besieged country, when Beethoven composes his Ode to Joy by fighting against his deafness, when Bach composes his most celestial pages while he is not so welcome in Leipzig or finds himself thrown in prison, when Debussy composes his most surrealist pages perhaps trying to escape a dark reality to deploy other spatial-temporal dimensions... 

Aren't these invitations to go through one's own history as a man or woman, to deploy one's own layers that constitute us ? Like a therapist who is there to guide from one bank to another, music accompanies our passages, whether they are mourning, rebirths, doubts, cowardice, passions, memories, reveries, loves, wars, childhoods, winters and lives...

Now my music is at the service of life. 

If music were your companion today, which one would do good to you ? 

Wishing you a week of amazement !

From the bottom of my heart To fingertips

Hélène Tysman

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