Like the shooter who shoots his arrow, focused on the bow even more than on his target, like the author who puts his "note of intention", this note like the one of the tuning fork, taking support to open up to all possibilities, the beginning of a symphony, a project, a story, a work... we often forget how much we are the creators as well as the creations of our intentions at every of our movements and thoughts, consciously or unconsciously.  Intention and will are often confused. The will tightens, stretches, tightens, where the intention sets and lets go.  Etymologically, "intention" is derived from the Italian "intendere" which means "to hear". What a great coincidence for a musician ! It always seemed to me that the ability to hear, the talent to listen, was the greatest of all intelligence. In our media, in our society, this is not very well represented. We are conditioned to "say" more than "hear", to "do" more than "be", to attack, to polemic, to outbid... The word has become golden, but a gold plated where the superficial comes to cover the discomfort with a break with oneself. In Don Miguel Ruiz's legendary book The Four Agreements, it is said in the first place : "May your word be impeccable". "Speak with integrity, say only what you think. Do not use the word against yourself or to speak against others." A wise man once taught me that if what I had to say was no more precious than the silence or the song of the bird just now, then it was better to keep quiet. While Sister Emmanuelle declared that "to love is to learn to listen", I like to say the reverse : to listen is to learn to love. This is exactly what a musician's work consists of. Listen until you love. Every note, every sound, every harmony, every silence... We are never more in connection with our heart, our head, our intuition than when we open all our faculties to hear, therefore to understand... the understanding of ourselves, of others, of the world, makes us attentive, of that attention which allows the bow to stretch itself without tension, to the string to vibrate by offering all its resonance, to the heart to receive without taking...

There are more present listening patterns, even stronger, than the verb. An intention is also the difference between an act of some kind and what can become a ritual according to ancestral wisdom. You can dance in the rain by singing Gene Kelly, by connecting to your poetic sadness like Verlaine ("it rains in the city as it cries in my heart") or you can dance in the rain by choosing to celebrate the presence of water, the power of the earth, the communion of the elements... In the end, you will not have experienced the same scene! Your body itself will not have fattened the same experience. What is your intention in listening to a concert or giving a concert ? What is your intention when you send a message to someone, whether a friend or collaborator ? What intention in your "hello" or "goodbye" during the day to those you meet, shake hands with, hug ? You can light a candle on a table for aesthetic reasons. And you can light this same candle by connecting yourself to your own inner flame, to your intimate, mysterious and magical light. It is not the same experience and yet the event is, externally, identical.  The intention may be to be good to yourself,  to reconnect to the deepest part of oneself, in the present moment, to take care of one's relationship with the Other, to connect with the unconscious or to let one's intuition run free, to open one's heart completely, to listen to an injured, despaired, distressed part of oneself or on the contrary to celebrate and amplify one's light, to offer the world and receive the heat of the sun... An intention is generally clear and good. If you start to wonder what the other person will think or to ask something for a return that does not depend on you, you are already no longer really in the intention but in a form of strategy or expectation. Look what it creates in you, listen to the sensations... Hear what the universe has to offer at every moment, the sound of the wind, the cooing of a bird, a divine breath that travels through the being when you feel in the right place at the right time...  An intention always depends only on yourself when you set it down, even if it is directed towards the Other. Even though your intention is to "harm", the nuisance reaction - or not - will belong to the other. On the other hand, you will have tasted a bit of it ! We are therefore fully responsible for it and this is perhaps what motivates us to seek its most positive source when we become aware of it. How far do we go to find its authenticity ? It is sometimes by going further down the well that we find the true meaning.  

So, which part of yourself will you choose to listen, to hear today ? Where are you going to stretch your inner hearing ? How will you listen ? At the first morning wing flapping when you wake up, what can be your intention for the day ? It will have nothing to do with the one of the day before or the next. Once set, there will be nothing left to wait for but to let the music be created, played and observe, appreciate, taste or accompany the momentum. Dance of life ! 

Over time, I become aware that each note interpreted is more than a note, each sound more than a sound, and that a melody that starts from my story will reach your story where the intention, conscious or unconscious, has been placed.

Sometimes we forget this simple gesture. This resonance. So, in the pleasure of meeting you soon for future concerts and events, I put this intention to remember it, as the most beautiful, the most precious gift. May the music, by playing, listening, sharing it, connect you with your true self intention. That's my intention !

What does your heart say ? 

Wishing you a wonderful day !

Musically yours, Hélène Tysman

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