Wishing time is a magical moment

We often mix "good resolutions" with the idea of taking our vows because the after party sometimes reminds us of social morals whose injunction could paradoxically push us to extremes : to get drunk or to mummify ourselves ! In any case, no longer really listen to oneself.

We talk about getting along with someone, but what about ourselves ?

In the face of frustration, everything helps. Hell is paved with good intentions and, unlike Jean-Paul Sartre, I believe that the very first hell - like our very first heaven - is us ! The year 2020 has guided us far in this face-to-face encounter with our uncertainties, our fears, our long suppressed lacks. But when a weight falls heavily on one side of the scales, its return in the opposite direction leans just as powerfully. Like an oscillating vibration, our whole being is a vibrato that we play as much as we receive.

"I vow to..." rather than "I want"

In this "vow" where the circle of the "o" tenderly embraces the circle of the "e", I put down the intention and then release, like a child thinks of something he likes before blowing on the dandelion that flies away. In "I want", there is something of the unfortunate tyrant, more powerful than impotent in the face of this great collective merry-go-round.

In this precious moment where my whole being makes a vow of, I receive what the music vibrates in myself. It enchants me like a Harry Potter in front of the field of possibilities : innocence associated with courage, the glance of the nativity accompanied by its sister, the recklessness. With each new day, we are reborn forgetting most of what happened during our dreams. And we overcome it, with the deep confidence that we will know how to remember what is necessary or what to do if we have forgotten. Every moment is a birth of reality from its purest virginity. In this word of "vow", my whole being prepares to blossom again. What we take for the unknown is mostly a past thrilled to tell the future in its image...

The good resolutions would tend to make us believe that we have made bad ones or that we have not yet decided good things as far as we are concerned ! However, I deeply believe that at every moment of our life, we do our best, to the maximum of what we have access to at that precise moment. The vows, on the other hand, simply allow us to open our field of vision and thus connect to something larger, wider, farther or more precise, more refined...

Our only mission ? To be as close as possible to our vibration

To connect to one's wishes is, in my opinion, to get closer to one's sensitive string, to one's most subtle and true vibration of oneself. At this point, the more sensitive the listening is, the more powerful is its impact. A musician learns for a lifetime to get closer to what forms resonance. He sticks his ear to it, then lets his heart sing and finally accepts that his gut is ahead of him. The sound exists long before it is realized, in his mind. It still remains after it has been struck, in that perpetual "in-between" from one note to the next, that is to say the space where we are. In this moment, where music has paid homage to silence, the sound of our soul emerges, often to our greatest surprise. What did we know about ourselves ? What did we believe behind these characters and masks ? Suddenly a completely different music resounds, far more extraordinary than we could ever have imagined about ourselves.

Believe in our desires and doubt our fears

It is that we have not learned to believe in our desires. We have learned more to believe in our fears ! And yet, if we believe in these fears so much, it is because our power of imagination is boundless. The stress illnesses that increase every year are irrefutable proof of the power of our mind. What is capable within us of setting all these limitations is precisely what is limitless.

An artist is the same as a spiritual seeker. This very label would like to hide from him, so much so that it weighs down what is dancing in the moment. The only true impulse, the most universal, is to listen to his aspirations, to hear his cells and to taste his rhythm. So, what a joy to come, little by little, to associate this rhythm with the score of the world, more aware of all the mechanisms specific to his instrument and thus able to guide by its infinite nuances, the interpretation of this great symphony.

What are your dreams ?

In music, one can be a virtuoso, a scale facilitator and yet be boring to death ! What makes all the difference ? In our jargon, we use the word phrasing a lot. Without phrasing, i.e. without the direction of a musical phrase, without clarity of self to self about the momentum and intention of what is being played, the gesture risks falling flat. Each instrumentalist in an orchestra is as much its conductor as the conductor of the whole group. For, in order to realize a passage that is all the more delicate musically, to be able not only to realize it as one would like to hear it once but each time it is played, one comes to know its entire structure, how it works and, above all, where it tends to go. In my experience, it is rarely a problem of technique but often a lack of phrasing, of the relationship between its feeling, its momentum and the musical phrase, its expressivity, its musicality. Basically, the world has never lacked manpower but passion. In the same way, we have all this within us but we don't always let certain melodies blossom.

In coaching, this is often what I perceive. You can think for years about a better strategy, sometimes you just have to go and listen more directly to your heart and everything will start, the engine will suddenly start and you just have to play the score !

So, what is your wish, what are your wishes in this moment that is reserved for you, the one where you read this text as company to yourself ?

Allow yourself the unknown

Close this web page, take a breath and a few minutes for yourself. Write down what comes to you or let it brew, like a tea that will be good to drink. Savor what comes to you as a delight in the mouth, as a tenderness in the heart. And above all, take off all the costumes of what doesn't seem quite yourself, like something too sweet that takes the taste out of things, when tensions and concessions end up spoiling the original ingredient. There's only one criterion that tells you you're on the right interpretation: the body starts to move, joy opens and eyes smile. Whether it is Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff... you will know the meaning of the score by letting your heart vibrate the way it hears it.

I vow, through these bonds that are dear to me from you to me, to continue to inspire us each day more and more, to connect us to the essential and to leave the insignificant, to flirt with the sound of our soul, this precious vibration that knows us better than anyone else.

Life is only a blow, a music to play with the impulse of our love.

Thank you for being here in 2020 ! I am looking forward to this multiple horizon for 2021, at your side, in lives streaming, texts, releases or books...

See you soon, see you now !

With joy,

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                                                                     all rights reserved Hélène Tysman - 2018


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