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In the heights of Bach

This release is the fruit of ten years of research. The transmission of this music is not easy in conservatories. However encounters (harpsichordists, improvisers), as well as various discoveries (on ornamentation, phrasing) have challenged me. For Bach more than any other composer, the question of perfection in the service of the instant is unavoidable.

No indication of interpretation is written on the editions of Bach's scores : not a fingering, not a phrasing (or very rarely) and of course not a pedal. This testimony (or absence - as if out of humility - of testimony) questioned me a lot. It is while discovering his manuscripts that I perceived, through this artistic and sharpened writing, the precise intention of a phrasing, a polyphony, an articulation as well as a style. Nothing more needed to be added. All the more so if we refer to the art of improvisation which was the prerogative of baroque musicians.


Mendelssohn was the first of the Romantic era to rediscover The St. Matthew Passion and thus question the art of the interpreter, of the restitution of a work, of the score... Bach was interpreted for a time in the manner of the Romantics, and then we wanted to return to ancient instruments like those that the composer himself had, to be able to give it back all its authenticity. Like his writing, it is the gesture that I wanted to restore above all. What inspires me about Bach's genius, in the manner of Leonardo Da Vinci piercing the secrets of the universe, of the cosmos, is that "all truth must be danced".


Transcendent and immanent joy.


This program, built in the form of an arch, opens with the very personal Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue - a crazy work if ever there was one in the history of music - and ends (after a true spiritual odyssey as much as a virtuoso one) with the no less great Fantasy and Fugue in A minor (more rarely played). Through this choice of works that are as contrasted in form as they are in substance, character and style, I approach each of them in a totally different way : free ornamentation, variations, improvisations, great stripping, a search for timbres, dances and even Siloti's transcribed vision, points of suspension and an invitation to follow, infinitely...


This music has unlimited diversity and freedom. It is an incessant re-creation (and recreation !). It is conducive to improvisation in all its forms, and is the subtle and unique place - like the thread of a tightrope walker - where truth and spontaneity can meet.


As through the prism of our lives, this record is conceived both as an object with multiple faces and as a tool to see, like a kaleidoscope, the infinite sparkles of a pluri-organic reality.

A collective work

This project is related to a completely new and ESSENTIAL approach for me.
Today is a time that questions THE MEANING OF LIVING TOGETHER. 
My artistic evolution has led me in recent years towards a MORE HUMANISTIC approach, fuelled above all by the desire to INSPIRE EACH ONE IN HIS LIGHT. I ask myself how to help the world through each note, each work, each impulse. What is a certainty in my heart is that a life without art, without poetry, would be meaningless. No value.

THE GREATEST HEALING, the most direct path from self to other, passes in my opinion through this mixture of BEAUTY AND TRUTH. Art is more than anything a PRISM that allows us to look at the world in all its UNIQUE AND WONDERFUL aspects, those infinite facets that only require our talent as INTERPRETER-CREATOR to experience it. It is not an external discipline that we come to admire the time of a concert but on the contrary this BLOW OF LIFE of which we become CONSCIOUS when we find ourselves BEAUTIFUL and RELATED TO THE BIG ALL.
It is no longer a question of a star on the one hand and an audience on the other, but of becoming aware of our INTERDEPENDENCE. This is the NEW PARADIGM. Like the song of a new world, that's what inspires me.

Driven by the impulse to put myself at the service of this music, of this message, I recorded this program dedicated to Bach - a universal musician if ever there was one - which I entitled PRISM. Between heaven and earth, we sometimes forget that Bach was also a HUMAN BEING, prey to disappointments, crises... He taught us that it is possible to DANCE IN JOY beyond the depth of our questioning and TO BE FREE IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. His music is more ACTUAL than ever.

Like a MILLENNIUM 2020, this release, nourished by these years of research on the composer and by METAMORPHOSES deep within me, will be the ambassador of this ALTRUISM, of this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. May he convey through our common energies, the light of each one of us by carrying this MESSAGE OF HUMANITY loud and clear.
Its release is scheduled for this fall. TOGETHER WE CAN HAVE A MUCH MORE IMPACT than if I produced it alone in an economic system that has become obsolete, rigid or superficial.

In substance as well as in form, this project is meant to be FREE AND CREATIVE. PRISM means realizing that we can SEE REALITY THROUGH OUR THOUSAND ANGLES AND CHANGE IT WITH OUR FANTASY.

This is why I want to associate you to this creative movement by offering you to participate with me in the PRODUCTION AND REALIZATION OF THIS WORK.

If this message resonates in you, if it touches your heart and you feel this desire to co-create, to create a NEW PARADIGM and to join ANOTHER WAY OF LIVING ART AND MUSIC, take part in the action !

This disc inaugurates a NEW FORM where the concert will be more than a moment of music played while others listening. I wish it TO CONNECT WITH THE MOST RADIATING PART OF EACH ONE, the most powerful, the one that illuminates from the heart. I wish to create the moment when the audience does not come to see me play but TO PLAY WITH ME. Better yet, we play together. I know it's right there, from the fingertips to each of us.

To join the adventure, SEVERAL POSSIBILITIES ARE OPENED... From a musical and inspiring intervention for you and your teams, your clients, your friends, your family, to the co-production of the record to enable you to offer it to your circle ; from your participation in the launch concert to your individual symbolic contribution...

Feel free to contact me to discuss it.

In the heart & the notes,

Hélène Tysman


"Uncompromising, lively and of perfect diction, Hélène Tysman's Bach, courageously stingy on the pedal, anti-romantic, is irrigated from beginning to end by a Gouldian parti-pris : recurring staccato, even spiccato in the Italian Concerto. This systematic way of detaching, of distinguishing notes to the apparent detriment of long phrasing would soon become weary, no doubt, if it were not placed, as here, at the service of a real originality of thought, a true joy of playing, a superior intelligence of writing, harmony and plans."

—  Name, Title

—  La Lettre du Musicien


Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue  in D minor BWV 903

Prelude & Fugue in E major BWV 854

Partita No.1 in B flat major BWV 825

Prelude & Fugue in E flat minor  BWV 853

Italian Concerto in f major BWV 971

Prelude & Fugue in C major BWV 846

Fantasy & Fugue in A minor BWV 944

BACH/SILOTI Prelude in B minor BWV855


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Budget Details

Like a precious stone, like a wine brought to maturity, a recording needs a case to radiate all its essence.

There is the symbolic aspect as described above that influences the energy of the work and allows us together to share and spread this message. Then there are the financial costs of production.

It's a whole team effort, from the making of the object, its design, the pressing of the record, the work of a press agent to make the link with those who receive it, you, and up to the concerts that accompany the event. From the record to you and from you to the record, we detail all the steps and you will be kept informed of each progress of this adventure.

Please be aware that all your donations and financial support will be entirely and exclusively used for PRISM.
This investment is meant to be ethical and in line with the idea of co-responsibility during the entire process, from its manufacture to its distribution.

In detail :

▸ 4000€ will be dedicated to the production (design and creation of texts for the booklet, pressing of the discs and collaboration with a distributor).
▸ 6000€ will go towards artistic and media diffusion (press attaché, organization of the launch concert with piano rental to make this evening an unforgattable event for you and me, communication with journalists, festivals and other professionals).

The release concert :

Conceived as an opportunity to renew its form, I want to take all the liberties to offer you a new experience, an evening from which I bet that you will come out inspired like never before, in connection with your most creative, luminous and powerful part which animates us all.
Since I have been accompanying men and women through hypnosis to unravel the tensions, problems or conflicts that are stirring within us, I aspire to bring together all these facets to work, through art, through the piano, towards a world where everyone feels deeply alive and fulfilled. 

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