A meeting between Chopin and Musset : Alternately inflamed, rebellious, gentle, flayed, intimate, loving, passionate, sensitive, fiery, desperate, loving, lucid... Here is a dive into the heart of romanticism and poetry.

Francis Huster, actor

Hélène Tysman, pianist

In turn sober and absurd, serious and humoristic, modest and brillant, Dominique Pinon - the "great gob"of French cinema - and Hélène Tysman, offer an original form with Ravel's notes and Goncourt Winner Jean Echenoz's words. A tribute to Ravel if any and a dialogue woven little by little between music, words and silence...

Dominique Pinon, actor

Hélène Tysman, pianist

E.A.Poe versus C.Debussy.

As the story of The Fall of the Usher's Houseunfolds, the composer's symbolism emerges and the poetry of the author opens the imagination to the spectator's unfolded senses. Shadows and lights participate in this synesthesia while weaves a dramatic tension between the two characters ...


Sonia Jacob, stage director

L'Oreille à Plumes Company

Invited by "Les Étoiles du Sport" for an exceptional performance, Jacques Gamblin and Hélène Tysman imagine a unique form. Driven by the same artistic ideal, the same research about the relationship to body, art and the quest for excellence, they combine their savoir-faire in the service of this mysterious and intimate thing which is artistic creation - on a wire.


Jacques Gamblin, actor

Hélène Tysman, pianist

On an original idea of ​​the violinist Florianne Bonanni, here are On the Harmful Effects of Tobaccoby Chekhov revisited by Denis Podalydès (stage direction) and Michel Robin (both actors from the Comédie Française Theater Company) surrounded by three sisters musicians.

Performances during the tour at Genf Théâtre de l'Orangerie.

                                                                     all rights reserved Hélène Tysman - 2018


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