Invited to perform all over the world, it is a joy and an honor to meet young musicians and universities from all over the world. I was able to exchange and pass on my experience in the United States, China, Taiwan, Russia, North Africa and Europe.

Discovering the talent of pianists from the four corners of the planet inspires me to continue to pass on knowledge and experience from generation to generation.

I do not think you can teach music. But I'm convinced that you can save a lot of musician time by helping him/her create his/her own tools and become his/her own master. How exciting to see all the possibilities we have to combine so many teaching and inspiration !

Humbly and passionately I rely on my research of several years on the instrument and more particularly the sound, on the meaning of a text, on the relation to the moment and the stage... Studying the Ericksonian hypnosis approach allowed me to further expand these horizons and to transmit them better. My career as concert performer, winner of international competitions, chamber musician, soloist, recording studios and all my quest for meaning and consciousness to the human and the art are forward-looking to this desire of shynning and make everyone shine his/her unique vibration that is in each of us.


at Moulin de Beaupré 

France Burgundy

Located in Burgundy, close to Alb and 140 km far from Paris, the Moulin de Beaupré is a former priory of the 17th Century and became a source of inspiration for those who come there. 

It is an oasis of peace to recharge one's batteries, to create and to exchange, a place of inspiration where to develop and make projects come true, to educate, to study and to stimulate. We want the mill to be a breeding ground for creation. We encourage new initiatives, establish links between different partners and ethical, artistical, ecological projects's holders. We also host executive retreats, training seminars and team cohesion for managers looking for renewal and inspiration. 

Arnaud Riou settled his Academy of ACTE® (Conscious Approach to the Totality of Being) and hosts here every month part of his training and meditation courses. Hélène Tysman settled her Academy of Musician, a retreat with master classes for getting inspired and prepared for the musicians in search for excellence. 

This place also hosts artists in residence (musicians, actors, writers...) as well as other partners close to our values ​​who offer yoga, meditation and mindfulness workshops.


My experience as a pianist in concerts, competitions, discs and pedagogy, showed me that a balance is necessary between the body, the heart and the spirit to achieve its objectives, to radiate in its art and to be in the excellence of such a demanding field. How to speak of a detail of interpretation if the body doesn't follow the movement, if the consciousness is not in every part of the being, if one has no idea of ​​the gesture. As the shooter in archery , the bow is nothing but the target to aim... This is why I wanted to create master classes in an inspiring setting where music, art and piano would be taught as well as an initiation to yoga, mediation, martial arts and accompanied by mental coaching for those who wish to optimize their preparations, performances or researches. Welcome to Moulin de Beaupré !

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